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is a small, highly experienced consultancy, specialized in services for the music industry - in particular their royalty and copyright systems including the processing of large data volumes. We work closely together with international partners and manage international IT projects. From inception to go-live we support our clients in facing their complex requirements through to implementation of efficient and straight forward solutions. This results in sustainable and persistent products satisfying all involved parties. Our solutions are multi-tiered, scalable programs based on parallel processing and a sophisticated database design.
We offer:
Requirement Analysis and Design
Process and Workflow Optimization
Project Organization and Management
Outsourcing partner in Eastern Europe
State of the Art 3-Tier Architecture built in JAVA, SQL & Linux
Data Analysis and Reporting
Roll-out, Production Support and Maintenance
We are:
Natalia Serra Gyula Forgács Philipp List Dr. Andreas Brandt
Natalia Serra
El que quiere interesar a los demás tiene que provocarlos.
Gyula Forgács
A matematikus olyan gép,
amely kávéból tételeket készít.
Philipp List
Трудности подстерегают тех,
кто не реагирует на жизнь.
Dr. Andreas Brandt
Sapere aude.

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